Pride of Bajo Festival Poetry Workshop

Labuhan Bajo, Sumbawa, Indonesia. Poetry Workshop in Translation in Collaboration with Penjaga Pulau.

Maupaku Dadi Suku Sama (Aku Bangga Menjadi Orang Bajo)

Karya: Anana’ Sama (Karya: Anak-anak Bajo)

Labuhan Bajo, di laok ne luas, darua luas ne baka lange/ Labuhan Bajo, lautannya luas bagaikan luasnya angkasa

Dayah-dayah ne rurumangi mamarannu/ Ikan-ikan berenang dengan ceria

Para pulai ta mamalasso, menarik wisatawan/ Banyak pulau-pulau cantik menarik wisatawan

Mandiru kami, baka sehe-sehe biasa ne ngala dayah si parame/ Di sana kami biasa menangkap ikan bersama teman beramai-ramai

Tapi, di laok ne nggai lagi matadda, dangellai iru dayah ne para.  Tapi sikarah itu segge’ kaparahang ne ma di laok, ngarosak ruma dayah/ Tapi lautnya tidak seindah dulu. Dulu ikan berlimpah, sekarang sampah yang berlimpah, mencemari dan merusak rumah ikan

Mandore panang uaku ngindak daya, biasa ne para, tapi itu nggai lagi nia / Disana tempat Bapakku mencari ikan, kadang banyak, kadang tidak ada

Pikkerdi, lamung di laok rosak, batenje na bangke’ lahak itu?/ Pikirkan, jika laut rusak, bagaimana orang bajo hidup?

Batenje kite na ellong?/ Bagaimana kita hidup?


English Translation

Labuhan Bajo, where the sea expands like outerspace

full of fish swimming

many small islands attract various visitors

while we, usually catch fish together with our friends

But the sea, one beautiful, once plentiful

Now suffers under the weight of people's trash

and the fish's house, polluted.

My father catches fish in Bajo

            sometimes many, sometimes none

If the sea is destroyed, how will Bajo live?

How will we live?

Create Poetry 4 Peace Workshop

Greater Brunswick Charter School, April 22nd, 2015


2nd-4th Grade


“Earth Day Rap”


The air is warm,

There is NO storm,

The sky is bright and blue,

Here I am with you.


Planting something new –

There is nothing else I’d rather do.

Hip, hip, hip Hooray!

Today is Earth day!


I said, hip, hip, hip Hooray!

Today is Earth Day!

August 15th, 2015: NJ United Students Power Congress for Free Education


El Diablo Purpur Pursues

How does one keep their head up when they're fed up of being led by leaders who give silence which proceeds to violence?


In the morning, they wake

the fire site

Government golems, organic trolls

In the dungeon, maleficent goals

Held to no account, for who's counting?

I am. Statement? Question.


You know me, and yet I am nothing to you.

I loathe the way you control me

Eliciting emotion - slowly.

Revolution is the passenger lurking in your trunk

Where the pig can only smile.


Your laughter fans the fierce fire burning me from the inside out...

I'm dying inside.

At the end, the embers die

And I feel we should call it a night.


In the morning, I wake

the fire site

I sit back and rub my tired feet

Black from the ash of your defeat:

In the morning, we wake

the fire site

Beneath the ash, a sapling upright.

Create Poetry 4 Peace Workshop

Greater Brunswick Charter School, April 22nd, 2015


5th-8th Grade


“I am Enough: An Anthem of Self-Love”


Sometimes I don’t know my own strength

            Or the power behind the words that I say.


Nothing is the same because

            everyday there’s violence.

This world was good but now it’s a mess.


Some people change from who you think they are,

            and become a stranger.


Shattered pieces of paper

            burned from flaming fire…

My heart pounds while the clock

            Tick Tocks

at the same time.


Love the world, love life.

Nothing’s the same means everything changes –

            Everything that changes can get better.


I remind myself:

You are learning – allow learning to take place

You are loving, even when you make mistakes.

You are perfect – and that doesn’t mean doing everything perfectly.


I know I’m not alone.

I know that I am enough.


The door opens to something never seen before:

            A light to Hope, Love, and Beauty.

Garden of Healing Poetry Workshop

October 26th, 2017

Creators: Audrey Rose, Shannon, Marcie



            time after time in time

            the beating of the second hand holds

            the audience in



A flash of white light between

            my heart and this -

            between feeling and speaking

            bloodshot and bloodred

I'm on fire.



            Some anger is safe...

            LIAR. You lie to yourself

            broken words, broken promises

a knife in my heart again.


I can see you coming

            barbed wire, stale bread

            dirty dishes in the sink again

            I'm sinking again, i don't wanna be this way

do you know where I've been?


George St. Co-Op

February 8, 2015. New Brunswick, NJ

Give me a chance to rip you apart -

To crawl inside of you

Infest your heart

Ease the pain that I let society bow on my shoulders everyday

And free me from the fierceness of the eternal waves.


Now I’m down on my knees…

I’ve been looking for something:

All I see is disease.


I am guilty –

Not of the actual shooting, but of the forgetting,

Not forgetting in this very moment

It could’ve been me.



Dynamic equation, organic components. 

Activating, compensating, motivating, elevating self.



Sending ripples, slowly slipping,

into harmony.


Like Sisyphus, we won’t give up, we are light. 

We are love and we are kind.